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All together now: Oh Yes We Are!

Hey, Newbies:
Now’s your big chance to volunteer

The Schedule for Trimester 1 ia always very busy, but there are still spaces for enthusiastic volunteers.

Give yourself a thrill by clicking the Volunteer menu item at the top of the page. 

It’s the most exciting thing you’ll do all year (or if it’s not, send us the photos and we’ll all be consumed by envy).

Photo from Flickr: Volunteer Sign in by RKeefer, used courtesy of a Creative Commons Licence

girvan folk

Graham and Peter have been out and about at Girvan Folk Festival. Don’t they look every inch the Broadcasters?

Using a mixer and 3 mics, they set up a studio in the Carrick Buildings, interviewed performers and recorded some nice singing.

Pictures and audio below:

Peter at the desk; and Graham ready to conduct an interview.

Nice mixer; cracking headphones.

Lovin’ the T shirt.
Where do I get one?

(The Other) catriona scores big in Stoke

You may have noticed the absence of our regular Punk & Disorderly programme on a Sunday. That’s because our erstwhile Presenter Catriona Mullen has landed a job as Creative Writer at Signal FM in Stoke.

Can we expect to hear ads in a distinctive punk style? We wouldn’t be surprised at all.

In he meantime, lets all just content ourselves with being Disorderly...

new broom...
oldies pile in...

Yes; the old hands are back on the Schedule. All times are provisional at the moment, because Trimester 1 is usually chock-a-block and we need to fit everyone in, especially the Broadcast Production 2nd year students.

But for the moment:

Chris Gilgallon is the new main man, looking after the Schedule and the music and most other things.

If you want a slot in the schedule, send your requests to Chris.gilgallon@uws.ac.uk

He is to be found in room 2.098

New broom, and all that...

Grace Nicoll

Wednesdays 5-7pm

Catriona Weir

Thursdays 11am-1pm

Danny Adams

Wednesdays 8-10am

There is a new crew from Hamilton, with a pre-recorded programme

featuring interviews and chat. Time TBC

Community Presenters are running in their existing slots.

The timetable has been updated and will be refreshed as Presenters join in.

new shows...

We’ve a couple of new shows in the offing, so watch the schedule and listen up.

Good sounds coming...

New Broom from Flickr, by TarandRampersand.

Used under a Creative Commons Licence.